Swingers in Denmark

Welcome to Swingerklubben.dk in Denmark.

A portal for new swingers, and swingers in general from Denmark. On these pages, you can find information about swingerclubs in Denmark, and perhaps some other useful information.

If you need any kind of information available, that is not found here, please contact us, and we will try to get back to you as fast as possible.

Dress code:

The dress code in the danish clubs are erotic clothing. And what is erotic clothing, it can be totally nude, but often it is lingeri for females, and a pair of boxershorts for males. You cannot have a suit on, or a long dress for that matters. Its underwear or less… Take a look at the different clubs homepage, to see what the individual club says on this topic.


Most often its not possible to eat at the danish clubs, so eat before you enter.


Most clubs dont require a membership, but check the homepage first.


Condoms must be used within the swinger clubs, unless you are a couple. Condoms are free, and are often placed around the club.


Towels are provided freely when you enter the club.


To find a list of swinger clubs in Denmark look here:

Swinger clubs in Denmark

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